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Saturday February 24 2018
Invest in Playa del Carmen Today... and Realize the Benefits Tomorrow
Dr. Sylvain Desforges

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Playa del Carmen is the fastest growing city in Latin America. And the Riviera Maya is the fastest growing tourist destination anywhere in the world! With those two factors, it is easy to understand why investment opportunities in real estate in this area are booming. Tourism in Playa Del Carmen is now one of the fastest growing coastal towns in Mexico.

Playa Del Carmen, located on the superb Caribbean coast of Mexico, 60 kilometers south of Cancun, is different by its natural beaches from fine sand and its sea with limpid water. The developments here are low-rise, taking into account the local environment, giving Playa a more charismatic and authentic Mexican feel, in contrast to the highly commercialized resort experience which is common in many places around the world. However, Playa del Carmen has the infrastructure required by world-class travelers.

Over the last decade, Playa del Carmen has enjoyed an enormous growth spurt in all areas - commercial, residential, retail, and service. New condominium developments are typically sold during construction, as eager investors seek to get into the market as quickly as possible. For that reason, most condos for sale in Playa Del Carmen have appreciated before their completion. Moreover, Playa Del Carmen is known for having a European flair and rustic charm that attracts many international visitors and buyers.

Buying Real Estate in Playa del Carmen is Easier than Ever

Mexico’s real estate ownership laws have never been more welcoming to foreigners, who have been attracted by this country’s exquisite geography, warm climate, reasonable cost of living, relaxed lifestyle, and overall quality of life.

Mexico is now rated one of the best countries for investment opportunities in real estate growth, as well as one of the safest for real estate investments (secured under recent changes in Mexican law). Foreigners can own coastline land with Trusts held by Mexican banks. Just like in the U.S. the owner is the beneficiary of the Trust, administers the Trust and therefore controls the property. He or she may transfer ownership, lease or improve the property at will. Foreign owners may also enjoy capital gains on sold property and can also instruct the Trust to pass on the property to future generations without the cost of inheritance tax.

Foreigners may also own rental properties or other businesses which own property by forming a Mexican Corporation owned by foreigners. In this case the Mexican Company, which would hold the title, owns the property and a Trust with a Mexican bank are not needed.

Great Opportunities for Capital Appreciation

Playa del Carmen rapid growth is spurring high demands for housing and is driving prices higher and higher. Most new condominium developments are being sold out even before construction they are built. Those getting in early with pre-construction prices are reaping the rewards with high increases in appreciation before their condos are even finished. Condos for sale in Playa are being sold even before they are built.

Playa del Carmen offers excellent opportunities for real estate investment and rentals. Rental opportunities are excellent for periods when the condominiums or villas are not being utilized by its owner. Imagine Investing in a piece of this pristine Playa del Carmen real estate that produces substantial cash flow and retirement income while its property value skyrockets.

Quick Statistics:

• Mexico is the world’s 8th most visited country and ranks in 12th place in terms of foreign revenue earnings from tourism; in both categories, it is the leader in Latin America.

• Hotels: From 1470 rooms in 1995, the Riviera Maya now offers more than 34,718 rooms.

• The dynamism of the real estate in Playa Del Carmen is especially favorable, thanks to the United States and Canada (54.5% of the foreign investments), followed by Europe (8% of the investments) with Spain and Italy as the leading countries.

• Playa del Carmen is considered the epicenter of the Riviera Maya with its services, commercial areas, housing, and entertainment.

• Playa del Carmen’s population of over 90,000 habitants is still growing, with an annual growth rate of 26%, making it the highest in Mexico.


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