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Saturday February 24 2018
Los Cabos, Much More than a Second Home
Antonella Colapinto

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Los Cabos is home to many part time U.S. residents that have shown their willingness to help out and get involved with the community.

For the last four years, during the month of March, Los Cabos and Querencia have been home to the Fred Duckett Challenge, which raises funds destined for people with special needs. The specific objective is to raise enough funds for The Los Cabos Children Foundation, where kids of poor families, with complex illnesses like cancer, are helped and cared for.

The Foundation started in 2002, after Tom Walsh discovered a case of leukemia in a child from this city and realized that treatment should needed to take place in the US, and therefore gets the effort moving and starts to care for many.

Given the complexity to obtain visas and the needed funds, the network of full time and part time residents (many being U.S. citizens) grows to involve consulate people, American Airlines executives, U.S. hospitals, plus all who work on the Foundation every day.

How is it done?
One of the activities is to organize tournaments and projects that attract funds like The Fred Duckett Invitational Challenge. The prestigious development of Querencia is the host and organizer, contributing with $250,000 USD per event.

During this four-day event, important country music personalities like Amy Grant and Vince Gill attend. Among other attendees include David Feherty from CBS. These events generate between 1.3 and 1.5 million dollars for the Foundation.

Querencia’s CEO, Jorge Carrera, mentions the importance of getting involved in Los Cabos’ community, an atmosphere that generates more and more interest from developments everyday. Querencia is also helping out other non-profit efforts like Saraguaro, Yo Reciclo and Liga Mac. As an example, the 20% of all profits from the sale of 25 sculptures of the Muvezi Gallery were donated to Liga Mac.

Temporary residents mostly push every one of these philanthropic activities, which proves the commitment of joining forces and making Los Cabos a better place.

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